Currently we have decided that Facebook should be the communication platform of Bee Brotherhood – facebook group to be specific. Not everyone of us thinks this is the best solution, but it has some advantages too. If You want to follow the discussion (in Polish! But probably we can answer some posts in English too) please join us:

Remember however, that You visited the community of people that look on the problem of bees' health from the evolutionary and environmental adaptation perspective – with all the consequences of that. We want to have our conversations and discussions honouring those values. Please respect that. If You find our actions as being inappropriete or unacceptable, please choose some other group - there are lots of them on Facebook, and we are sure that everybody could find one for oneself. But if You wish to know what we want to say about bees and beekeeping, but You do not agree with our methods, we still invite You to our discussion. In this case please make sure Your arguments are deliberate and constructive. Thank You for that.

We invite You to follow our Youtube channel We will upload there films that are made by us, or show our views or different aspects of the problems of bees and beekeeping from evolutionary perspective.

We welcome You to visit the gallery of our friend Mariusz Uchman (here). Mariusz shows his views by images that are made with humor and unquestionable gift. And those pictures are often worth more than thousand words! Images drew by Mariusz are inspired by the content of this webpage, articles or the subjects that inflame minds of beekeepers.

We invite You to follow Mariusz's Facebook profile, where You can find images and graphics made by him (